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  • Specimen’s Television Debut Tonight!
    Mar 08

    Specimen’s Television Debut Tonight!

    Just a quick reminder that The Specimen makes it’s television broadcast debut tonight at 10:15PM EST and 7:15PM PST on the ShortsHD network. The channel is currently only available on DirecTV channel 573 and AT&T UVerse channel 1789, so be sure to set your DVR’s!

  • The Specimen’s Broadcast Television Debut is on 03/08/2014!
    Mar 05

    The Specimen’s Broadcast Television Debut is on 03/08/2014!

    The ShortsHD channel is broadcasting The Specimen on 03/08/2014 at 10:15PM Eastern and 7:15PM Pacific, making it’s broadcast television premiere.

  • Invisibe Effects
    Feb 22

    Invisibe Effects

    Not every visual effect has to involve a super-hero, space-ship, or an alien. Sometimes it’s as simple as changing the color of the sky for added effect, removing an unwanted logo, tracking in a mobile phone or TV screen, or adding set dressing that a production couldn’t otherwise afford.

  • Doritos – Baby Riot!
    Nov 25

    Doritos – Baby Riot!

    My spot this year is called “Baby Riot” and proves that baby gates and Dads can’t stop the determination of a trio of babies when it comes to getting their mitts on the bold cheesy taste of Doritos.

  • The Specimen on TV!
    Jul 01

    The Specimen on TV!

    I know it’s been a while since there was news on The Specimen, but we now have some exciting news. Starting today, July 1, 2013 The ShortsHD channel has licensed The Specimen to be part of their broadcast lineup.Specimen_TV

  • EA Sports – Golfaholic
    Mar 25

    EA Sports – Golfaholic

    Not Afraid! recently completed work on another spot for EA Sports, The Golfaholic.