We are Not Afraid!

We’re an Arizona-based independent media production company, recently relocated from Los Angeles.  But we’re more than that.  We’re filmmakers, writers, producers, and directors searching for the next story to reveal to the world.


Real impact comes from the freedom to express yourself without fear. Be fearless.  Tell your story. A good story has the ability to make you think, feel, connect,  and change minds.  When you harness the power of story, it touches you emotionally and makes you want to share it.  In today’s world, sharing stories is what it’s all about.


By fusing the power of story with creativity, collaboration, and craftsmanship, we can tap the vital emotional connection with your audience that will leave that lasting impact, and spread the word.


We are Not Afraid!  Let us help you share your story.


Paul Cuoco

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Paul Cuoco
Producer | Writer | Director | Editor
Award-winning filmmaker who leads talented artists, craftsmen, and technicians, to produce films, branded media, and commercials that are emotionally rooted in story.

Paul is an award-winning Producer, Themed Entertainment Designer, and Filmmaker, with over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry.

He has produced and directed a number of commercials and branded films for clients such as Volkswagen, Famous Footwear, and others.  Additionally, he’s written, directed, and edited several festival competition short films and passion projects including the award-winning holocaust short, Inheritance, the viral micro documentary Pride of the Jaguar, and the awkward infertility comedy, The Specimen (currently being broadcast on the ShortsHD channel).