The California Adventure

Volkswagen of America
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A woman, her husband, and a 2006 red Volkswagen Beetle convertible named Penelope make their way up and down the California coast in this spot for Volkswagen of America.

Project Story & Technical Challenges

Much like we evangelize the power of story to communicate your message,  Volkswagen decided to create an entire website dedicated to the idea called, “VW Stories.” They wanted to get actual Volkswagen owners to share their stories on the site, and in doing so organically spread Volkswagen’s message and brand.

To launch the site with appropriate stories, Volkswagen commissioned filmmakers such as our founder, Paul Cuoco, to produce story films to get them started.  One of the requirements of the campaign was that these had to be real stories. Since Paul’s wife owned a red Volkswagen Beetle Convertible, he decided to tell their own real story of a road trip down California’s Pacific Coast Highway. During that trip he had taken hundreds of photos along the way, which gave him the inspiration to tell their story utilizing only still photographs and his wife’s voice over.   The results are warm, charming, and honest.


Volkswagen of America