Pride of The Jaguar

A micro-documentary
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A micro documentary, exploring patient car enthusiast Jim Jones' 22 year journey restoring a 1957 Jaguar Mark 1.
Project Story & Technical Challenges

A personal side project this short documentary has gone viral amongst car aficionados.

My father-in-law asked if I would take some photos and video of his recently completed 1957 Jaguar Mark 1. I was happy to oblige, but also took the opportunity to try something I’ve never done before. Make a documentary. Jim had been working on that car for as long as I’ve known him. He’s an interesting, articulate guy, and I knew from the serendipitous stories that I’d heard about the car and his scavenging for parts that this would be an interesting, heart-felt story to tell.

The shoot was improvised on site with only available light. No crew, no lights, only a monopod.

More info at the blog post: wp.me/pXKkz-vg