Baby Riot!

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Our 2014 Crash The Superbowl entry proves that baby gates and dads can’t stop the determination of a trio of babies when it comes to getting their mitts on the bold cheesy taste of Doritos. It has it all, babies, humor, and senseless violence! I mean, what’s not to like?
We wanted to create a spot that grabbed your attention with a group of babies "breaking bad" in order to get their hands on the Doritos.  We had to establish the setup, desire, determination, and ingenuity of these "babies."  Since they couldn't speak yet, we decided there would be no dialog at all, and we would only communicate the story visually.
Creating a commercial that hinges on the performances of three babies is not easy.  Knowing that would be a challenge we methodically story-boarded and relied on the use of invisible visual effects to pull off the spot.  We utilized green screen, and split-screening techniques as well as full on altering of the kid's facial expressions, and CGI limbs to pull it all off.  You can learn more about these visual effects in our breakdown post.