Change is Good

Change is Good

Change is a wonderful thing.  It sparks new inspiration, challenges you, and creates new opportunities.  There has been a lot of change in 2016 for Not Afraid!, and we look forward to what the future may bring.

As you may have noticed, we’ve overhauled the entire website to support our new direction in focus, expanded services, and new location.   Yes, new location.  Not Afraid! has moved from Los Angeles to Phoenix, AZ.

Wcactus-1349497-1920x1280hy would a film-making based business move from the film capital of the world to Arizona? There are a host of reasons.  The main reason is, the work we do at Not Afraid! tends to take us all across the country and could take us anywhere in the world to film, put up a show, or coordinate an event.  If you’re going to spend a lot of time on the road, you want your home base to be a comfortable oasis from the hectic life of production.  For me and my family, Los Angeles is not that oasis.  With everyone in town invested in “the business” there’s literally no escaping it to unplug and unwind.   Despite what you may think, Arizona has a very talented film-making community with rich history, spectacular settings, and friendly people. Not only that, production in Arizona is growing, and this gives us the opportunity to grow with it.

With the move, we’re also expanding the services we offer, by taking our Founder Paul Cuoco’s 20 years of experience delivering ground-breaking projection and themed entertainment experiences to market providing technical direction, project management, concept refinement, and themed media integration services for projects word-wide.


Lastly, while we’re still fearless filmmakers, we’ve honed our productions services to our core strength of story-telling.  Focusing on writing, directing, producing, and editing, we ensure we craft the most appropriate story for your needs, be it a commercial, testimonial, or other branded content.  Having recently joined the Arizona Production Association we also have a growing list of local Arizona talent, plus our extensive list of collaborators in Los Angeles and abroad to supplement our team as needed with additional production services.

We’re excited about all of these changes, and look forward to sharing our progress with you.  Here’s to an exciting 2016.  Onward and upward.


Filmmaker. Themed Entertainment Designer.

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