Inspiration: Spy Vs. Guy

Inspiration: Spy Vs. Guy


I know I’m way behind on my blogging and in particular posting my monthly inspirations.  I meant to post this one in early May.  SPY vs. GUY is the latest film collaboration between Red Giant Software and director Seth Worley.  (I have to say I’m developing a bit of a filmmaker crush on Mr. Worley’s work.)  From Plot Device through Order Up, Form 17, Tempo and now this, he’s proving to be quite an innovative filmmaker with a unique voice.  Almost every time I see one of his films I’m always struck with how clever his films are, with concepts that instantly hook you.   Spy vs. Guy is his best work yet, with hardly a line of dialog included and earned this tweet from me moments after laughing myself to the end.

@Awakeland3D’s Spy Vs. Guy is a hysterical live action update on Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner. Watch it! http://t.co/9bvMe5s71N

— Paul Cuoco (@notafraidfilm) April 24, 2013

I would be remiss if I didn’t also point out the fantastic music in the film composed by the director’s brother Ben Worley, that brings a Henry Mancini feel to the piece.

Without further ado, Spy Vs. Guy.  I know you’re going to love it.

Be sure to check out Seth Worleys’s other films, as well as his entertaining tutorials on Red Giant and SethWorley.com.

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