EA Sports – Golfaholic

EA Sports – Golfaholic

Not Afraid! recently completed work on another Poptent.net spot for EA Sports, The Golfaholic.  The creative was to create a spot targeted at the spouse of an avid golfer and illustrate how EA’s Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 video game can help get your man back on a Sunday.

Below is our take on the assignment,  while we didn’t make the sale or get an editor’s pick this time around, I rather enjoyed the spot, and the making of it and thought I’d share it with all of you.

  • Featuring, Dara Cuoco as the wife, Nathaniel Orr as the Golfaholic, and Alexa Pino as the daughter.
  • Music composed and mixed by Ron McBain.
  • Shot, cut, and directed by Paul Cuoco

The spot that did sell is called “Home on a Sunday” by Tall Tale Productions, and is pretty great.  Congrats, guys well deserved.

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