The Art of the Trailer

The Art of the Trailer


Cutting a trailer for your film can sometimes be a daunting task, especially for the short filmmaker.  Your short is already (or should be) a very tight and streamlined story.  How do you distill to its most essential elements that entice and beguile potential viewers in less than 2 minutes?

Stephen Garret of Jump Cut (formerly Kinetic) breaks down the guidelines and tropes of successful trailer cutting in his article First Impressions for Filmmaker Magazine.  As a filmmaker and editor it’s a great read, and for me pointed out reasons why you may not want to cut the trailer for your own film, especially if like me, you’re also your own editor.

I previously detailed my process in creating a trailer for The Specimen, but can’t help but wonder now, what someone else may have come up with for the film.

EDIT: I came across a new article posted today strangely enough in the New York Times that also uses Stephen Garrett as a source and visually maps out trailers from this years Oscar Contenders.  You definitely need to absorb this. 


What’s your process for cutting a trailer?  What do you think of Stephen Garrett’s advice?  Let me know in the comments.

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