Inspiration – Paperman

Inspiration – Paperman

Most people gloss over the Short film categories at the Oscars.  As a short filmmaker, I celebrate for these artists. Thankfully with the internet we now have access to see these shorts before the big night.

My pick for animated short film, and this month’s inspiration is Paperman.  Absolutely stunning combination of traditional hand drawn animation and CG from the masters at Disney and Pixar, wrapped around a beautifully told, heart-warming love story.  Without a single line of dialog.  Visual story-telling at it’s most pure.  Watch.  Enjoy.  Fall in love.

EDIT: It looks like they’ve made the film private.  I’ll leave the link here in case in goes public again…  sorry.


For those who want to dig deeper, there is an excellent article on Co.Create as well as some featurette’s on the making of the film embedded below.

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