Inspiration – Portrait of a Projectionist

Inspiration – Portrait of a Projectionist

I know I’ve been lax in posting my inspirations, but the DSLR Master Phillip Bloom just posted a new min doc that’s near and dear to my heart, “Portrait of a Projectionist”.

Normally, I wouldn’t post one of Philip Bloom’s films, because let’s face it he’s going to get plenty of hits and views without my help.  But, I have been a projectionist since I was 15 years old, working with mechanical 35mm projectors which are now disappearing from the world.  I worked through High School and College running celluloid through my fingers to put the gas in my car, and to form my tastes as student of cinema.

In my career I’ve continued to work with film and in particular, projectors, first helping to bring Terminator 2:3D to life on 70MM film for Universal Studios.  I continued that work though, moving to digital creating one of the first ever 2K digital projection experiences with Shrek 4D,  the first true digital IMAX replacement, with the first 4K large dome projection at The Simpson’s Ride, and then the worlds largest 3D projection system ever at King Kong 360 3D, and most recently the utterly immersive and relentless Transformers Ride.

While I continue to push those digital projection envelopes, nothing looks or feels like projected film.  It saddens me the see these projectors so rapidly disappearing.

So when Mr. Bloom posted his new mini-doc, it brought back memories and emotions, touching a chord I couldn’t resist.  That’s what film-making, digital or not is supposed to do.  When that happens it inspires me to do my best, and to share what I love.


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