The California Adventure

The California Adventure

One of Not Afraid!’s latest projects just went live on Volkswagens “Why VW” website.  Not Afraid! produced 30 second and 60 seconds versions of our personal Volkswagen Story for the brand as part of their website launch.

The project was produced as part of a Poptent.net crowd sourced content campaign, and our spot The California Adventure was one of five stories selected from the campaign by VW to help launch the site.

One of the requirements of the campaign was that these had to be real stories.  Since my wife owns a Red VW Beetle Convertible, we thought back to what stories we had to tell that could be compelling for the brand, and decided on our 2007 Road Trip down California’s Pacific Coast Highway.  During that trip I had taken hundreds of photos along the way, which gave us the inspiration to tell this story utilizing only still photographs and voice over.  Utilizing our personal photos, meant that this would be one of the rare projects that features me as on-screen talent. My wife Dara and I co-wrote the script with her providing the voice over.

We were really happy with how it came out, seeing our heart and energy translate to spot.  We are very grateful that the folks at VW agree.  Hope you enjoy, and please head on over to VW Stories to see more.

More information about the campaign can be found at the following links:

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