This month’s surprising inspiration

This month’s surprising inspiration

I can’t even believe I’m posting this as this month’s inspiration, but once you see it you’ll understand.  Zacuto has posted their latest camera testRevenge of The Great Camera Shootout.”  It’s so much more than a camera test however, it’s an engaging documentary and meditation on cinematography and is truly a must watch for any aspiring film-maker.

To listen to these amazing cinematographers talk about their craft, with such reverence, respect, and admiration for the craft, each other and their collaborators makes me want to go out and shoot a scene right now.

I was also thankful to hear how many of their philosophies mirror my own, which are to collaborate, not to get hung up on technology, and work hard to tell good stories that touch people.

I can’t embed the documentary here but go see it at Zacuto’s website as soon as you are able.


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