Teaser to @Ayz first feature “To Our Bright White Hearts”

Teaser to @Ayz first feature “To Our Bright White Hearts”

Ayz Waraich  (@Ayz) in my opinion is a film-maker to watch.  I’ve followed him since I saw his short “White Red Panic.”  A little over a year ago I put the word out to help his kickstarter campaign for his first feature film.  The campaign unfortunately was not successful.  I helped anyway by donating personal cash directly via pay-pal, even though his log line of “A tale of anxiety, heartache, family, and the collisions between strangers.” doesn’t exactly evoke the “what is it?” that Blake Snyder and Hollywood executives are looking for.

I donated because I believed in Ayz, a man I’ve never met.  The heart, soul, and artistry he puts into his screenplays and shorts inspire me and evoke the emotions I’d like to stir in my own work.  I wanted to see what he could do with a feature.  Ayz did not disappoint.  He recently released his very atmospheric and beautiful trailer. I’m already hungry for more.  Please watch and share.


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