Clinique Happy

Clinique Happy

Taking a break from The Specimen I collaborated with my wife, Dara and her friend and writer Cheri Waterhouse on a spec commercial for Poptent.net.  This ad in particular was for Clinique Happy, and was a fun and short project.  With my wife producing and making her directorial debut, it was liberating for me to simply execute her vision as the Director of Photography and Editor.  While I don’t necessarily recommend people working with their significant others (for obvious reasons) this project went great, and we had a lot of fun, which I think comes through in the ad.

Our particular spot wasn’t chosen though it was a “Staff Pick.”  Looking at the nine spots Clinique chose and recently debuted on their facebook page, they were looking for more of a slice of life piece than an actual commercial which is what we delivered.

If you’re an aspiring film-maker and you haven’t checked out Poptent yet, do yourself a favor and sign up.  They a have a lot of different assignments available, with better odds of earning some money than say the Doritos contest I’ve done the last two years.  Even if you don’t sell an ad, the deadlines and creativity that stems from these projects are good practice to hone your skills.

Let me know what you think.

  • Directed by Dara Cuoco
  • Concept by Cheri Waterhouse
  • DP/Editor/Graphics/Colorist: Paul Cuoco
  • Music by Sue Paine

Featuring (in order of appearance)

  • Carol-Ann Plante (& family)
  • Dara Cuoco
  • Gina Chai
  • Susan McCord
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