Inspiration: Address Is Approximate

Inspiration: Address Is Approximate

I’ve been negligent on posting my inspirations, mainly because I’ve been too busy to find some inspiration between finishing my new short The Specimen and installing the complex projection and audio systems of next years Transformers The Ride: 3D.

Since I got a day off due to Thanksgiving, I’m finally able to catch up on some things and came across this amazingly creative piece in my in-box, and instantly new it would be my next “Inspiration” post.

It’s called “Address Is Approximate” and was directed and produced by Tom Jenkins of The Theory, using a 5DMII and get this: Google Maps Street View, to create a brilliant, unique, and engaging stop motion experience.

It’s racked up on 800K views in only 5 days, and I suggest you add yourself to that list.  Enjoy.

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