The Specimen is in the Cup

The Specimen is in the Cup

I mentioned  a few weeks ago our new film The Specimen was in pre-production.  After weeks of script revisions, rehearsals, and planning we finally shot the film this past weekend.   You can check out a quick blog post about the shoot as well as some production stills over at specimen.notafraid.com.  In this blog I’ll talk more about the tech (as most readers have discovered me from my 7D articles and Z-finder review) than the film-making itself, and keep those posts on the dedicated Specimen site.

It was a longer shoot than anticipated but we got all the shots in the can, and used just about every piece of gear in my arsenal.   The entire film was shot on the 7D with the 17-55mm f2.8 IS lens and the plastic fantastic 50mm 1.8, and D|Focus follow focus I picked up from Express35.com with some rails.  One workhorse that was used a lot more than I anticipated was my igus based camera slider.

I did rent the Marshall LCD50 5″ Monitor to assist with focus, but I have to say their choice to use AA batteries is unfortunate.  We were constantly changing batteries in that thing, and it’s peaking function for focus assist was really inaccurate.

All in all the shoot went well, and I’ve been laughing my ass off at the dailies.  It’s going to be fun to edit.  You can keep up with more production updates on the film by subscribing to its own web feed, liking it on Facebook, or following it on Twitter.

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    "One workhorse that was used a lot more than I anticipated was my igus based camera slider…" http://j.mp/eugDV0 – @SpecimenFilm blog post

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