Inspiration: The Maestro

Inspiration: The Maestro

This month’s inspiration is a short Australian film from director Adam Anthony.  It’s a beautifully shot story that was amazingly done with only available light.

From DP Tony Gardiner:

This was all shot with available light (except for 2-3 green screen shots at the end) in and around Sydney Australia. For the most part the maestro was shot in real time on location then removed to do the time lapse pass. The only time lapse sequence we shot him on green screen for was the amusement park towards the end of the film.

The film also utilizes one of the other recent DSLR crazes, time-lapse photography in a unique way that’s integral to the storytelling and proves as the first month’s inspiration Ghost, that if you’re story telling and visuals are powerful, dialog is not required.

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