Inspiration – Superman Classic

Inspiration – Superman Classic

Superman Classic

Sorry for the delay, but I’ve been ill. I was determined after last month’s Ghost to find a inspirational film that wasn’t so dark.  As surprising as it may sound, this was no easy task.  What does that say about us as filmmakers nowadays.  Then I came across Superman Classic, an independent fan film made by Disney animator Robb Pratt.  The film is a hybrid of (gasp) hand paper drawn animation, and computer animation set to the music from the original Superman serials of the 40’s.

It’s inspiring to see someone who animates for a living, still making his own films out of his own passion, all on his own.  Click the full screen icon, sit back and get whisked back to your childhood and enjoy. Continue to watch after the film is over to see Robb show some behind the scenes and explain how he made this film using this combination of new and old techniques.  (And not a DSLR in sight!)

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