Sharing Inspiration

Sharing Inspiration

Not Afraid! Inspiration

As I’ve written about the democratization of film-making and the ability to make extraordinary films on limited budgets with the advent of modern tools, I’ve also discussed how this democratization would create a world where a lot more films would be made. This has come to pass.  There are a lot of films being generated, some good, some bad, some extraordinary, and some ordinary.   So while it used to be,  “How do I get my film made?”  Now it’s, “How do I get my film seen?”  With so many films and avenues for distribution from the web to on-demand, to DVD, to theatrical, how do we as filmmakers cut through the noise to get our work seen?

This is a new time, and new models are required.  If you don’t already subscribe to Ted Hope’s hopeforfilm blog, you should do so as he lays out a lot of the possibilities.  One thing that most agree on, is in order to get your work seen in this day and age, you have to participate in the community and grow your audience.  Sharing my experiences on the film-making process is one of my ways of contributing, but I want to do more.  I want to help those who are creating the extraordinary get their work seen.

So from now on every month I am going to pick an independent film that inspires me and I feel deserves to be seen by a wider audience.  I will post these inspirational films in a new Category titled “Inspiration” (clever huh?), as well as on my Facebook account.  Of course this will be subjective to my tastes, but I’d love it if the community at large submitted recommendations for me to watch and consider.

These can be your own films, or films you find inspiring that you want to share.  So share your inspiration with us all by adding films to the comments here or dropping me a line on the contact page.  I’ll be posting this months inspiration soon.


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