Crash Course in Colorista

Crash Course in Colorista

Stu Maschwitz from Prolost.com drops an hour long crash course in color correction using his Colorista II plugin, and helpful DV Rebel Tools scripts (which come with his DV Rebel’s Guide)  to help a friend with some DSLR footage.

A rip from Stu’s blog:

What I find interesting about this session is that it provides one answer to a common question: “Why doesn’t the video I shoot with my DSLR look as good as the stills?” Setting aside numerous technical issues, a big part of it is that stills shooters, as a rule, color correct their shots before letting the world see them.

The video is a screen capture of him working with his friend in real time to solve problems  and match stills taken with much more dynamic range.  Watch. Learn.  Enjoy.

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