Kong Sized Audio

Kong Sized Audio
Kong Mixers
King Kong 360 3D Audio Team mixing from the Tram. left to right, Mixer Pete Lehman, Sound Designer Brent Burge, re-recording mixer Mike Hedges, and Paul Cuoco

Mix Magazine has featured a new article called Beyond 5.1 that digs into the audio mix details of King Kong 360 3D with Oscar winning re-recording mixer Mike Hedges.  He discusses the unusual challenges we faced due to the opposing non perforated screens, and how they had to mock up the space at their studio in New Zealand to approximate the environment.

“We constructed a third-scale model of what the Universal soundstage was going to be, so we had screens on both sides of the room as opposed to where the screen normally is at the front.”

Mike, Brent, and Pete were a joy to work with, and willing to do what it takes to make something incredible.  I hope to get the opportunity to collaborate with them again in the future.  Check out the article here.

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