The Revolution Evolves

The Revolution Evolves

Sony NEX VG10e

The Revolution Evolves… again.

From my first post on the Red and SI-2K to our own purchase of the Canon 7D of the DSLR craze, Sony beats Panasonic and Canon to market releasing the first large sensor Prosumer Camcorder.   We’ve been clamoring for it since Canon, Panasonic, and Nikon added HD video to their DSLR’s and have been making do with ergonomics, but this and Panasonic’s upcoming AG-AF100 are going to change the independent and low budget film market forever… well eventually.

Unfortunately Sony is taking baby steps with this system.  They were last to roll out HD video in a still camera, and still haven’t in their Alpha series DSLR’s.  It seems we’re in for a progressive evolution in the NEX series camcorders as well.  While it has an APS sized sensor and can take Sony E and A mount lenses (A Mount lenses require an adapter) in a true camcorder body, with viewfinder and built-in audio, they hobbled the system with no XLR audio inputs and 59.94 1080i video.  Non progressive?  No 24 fps?   That’s a huge turnoff for filmmakers.  You came so close Sony.  With Panasonic offering those features, plus HDSDI with an incredibly adaptable Micro 4/3rds mount, I think they’re going to capture most of that business when they release the AF100 at the end of the year.

Panasonic AG-AF100

What’s really exciting though, missing features or not, they are listening to the consumers and bringing these cameras to market, which will only spawn more innovation and competition to the benefit of filmmakers.

These camcorders should force Canon to put up or shut up and update their HD Camcorder line with APS and Full Frame Sensored camcorders as well.  But Canon, if you’re listening please learn from your competitors and make sure you offer professional audio features, HDSDI, 24P, and a robust codec like your new 50Mbps 4:2:2 codec featured in the XF camcorder line.   Or better yet a true Red Killer using the open Adobe CinemaDNG Raw video standard.  A fella can dream right?

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