King Kong 360 3D

King Kong 360 3D

King Kong 360 3D

I’ve been bad, and neglected to blog about the new Universal Project that stole me away from the Transformers.  At least temporarily.  I’ve been working for the last year and half on the replacement attraction for King Kong.  The original sadly burned down in a backlot fire in the summer of 2008.  We’ve been extraordinarily busy developing the new show to open this summer.

I first didn’t blog about it because, well you know, it’s all a big secret.  Then they announced it, and then the press began, but by then I was far too busy working on it to blog about it.  In fact I only have time today because I’ve worked myself sick, and was sent home to nurse my cold so they can overwork me some more.

The attraction is a collaboration between Universal Creative, the department I work in at Universal Studios, and Peter Jackson who is directing the film with his company Weta Digital creating the 3D animation.  The project break’s new ground with a never done before immersive 3D projection system that I helped design with  3D savant and cinematographer Peter Anderson, and the talented crew from Electrosonic systems.  It may in fact be the largest 3D projection system ever conceived.  We’ve spent the last year in the same Sound Stage that James Cameron pioneered Avatar on in Playa Vista getting the projection system configuration and screens just right.  It hasn’t been easy, but breaking new ground never is, which is why I’m happy when I see press like this, after someone views our mock-up system:

Now, what we saw was rough, but incredibly impressive. If you were to look directly ahead at the direction the tram was moving in, the environment around you feels completely genuine. That’s not to say the effect wasn’t terrific when you looked at it dead-on. I’m just talking about the peripheral effect of the attraction’s 360 layout.

Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor – Shock Till You Drop

If they found that impressive, I can only imagine the satisfying reactions we’ll get for the real thing.  You can read more about the attraction via some fresh articles from a group who visited our mockup yesterday, including Mr. Rotten quoted above:

For more info you can signe up for email updates here, and you can enjoy the teaser trailer below:

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