New Kid on the Digital Cinema Block

New Kid on the Digital Cinema Block

Ikonoskop A-camMove over RED ONE and Silicon Imaging there’s a new kid in town.  Ikonoskop a Swedish company known for small form factor 16mm cameras introduces an HD Raw digital film camera the A-cam dII

This small file based camera sports a Super 16MM sized CCD sensor with global shutter.  That means no jello-cam on fast moving shots like you might see on the CMOS based Red One, SI-2k or even the Sony EX-1.

The camera specs from their website:

Image size 1920 x 1080 pixels
Format Individual files in RAW sequences. DNG format
Colour depth 12 bit
File size 3,5 MB/frame in RAW
Sensor CCD: 10,6 mm x 6 mm (Super-16)
Framerate 1 – 60 fps
Sound 2 channel 48 kHz
Timecode 5 pol. Lemo SMTPE
Video output Monitor and HDMI
Data output USB 2.0
Power 7,2 V in, or onboard Sony NP-F770
Lens Ikonoskop 9mm f/1.5 cine lens
Body Milled aluminum
Measures 222 mm x 91,5 mm x 83 mm
Lensmount PL, Leica M, IMS and C-mount
Threads 3/8″ and 1/4″
Weight Less than 1,5 kg incl. memory cartridge and battery

Special features:
1:1 pixel zoom in viewfinder while recording for checking focus. Histogram. Preview monitor on right side for directors and sound people.

The preliminary price is €6.950 (about US$9,800) and includes 1 battery, 1 Ikonoskop 9mm lens and 1 Ikonoskop 80GB Memory Cartridge.

I love the fact that they are using the open standard of DNG files (pioneered by the folks at Adobe) , though a workflow will still need to be developed.

This doesn’t get you the resolution or depth of field characteristics of a Red One, but is a great alternative for 16MM film productions, or low budget independents who still can’t afford a Red with all it’s required accessories.  I’m glad to see the revolution continues.  We’ll all benefit from it.

A shout out to Stu Maschwitz for posting first!

UPDATE: now with video:

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