The Simpsons Ride Wins Best New Attraction (2008)

The Simpsons Ride Wins Best New Attraction (2008)

Simpsons Ride

There’s a lot of tooting our own horn this month. First MERCY wins an award , now:

ThemeParkInsider.com’s readers have voted The Simpsons Ride , the Best New Attraction of 2008 .

From the article:

"These twin rides debuted on consecutive days in May and wowed fans with their mix of irreverent humor and physical thrills. Theme Park Insider readers said that The Simpsons Ride is ‘hilarious, thrilling, and visually astounding,’ and that even ‘the waiting is enjoyable.’
Mark Woodbury, President, Universal Creative, Universal Parks & Resorts said of the honor, ‘The Simpsons Ride represents what Universal does best – which is to take pop culture’s blockbuster entertainment concepts and bring them to life in wildly entertaining theme park experiences. We appreciate the recognition and share it with our partners at Fox Licensing and Gracie Films, who helped us create a truly authentic Simpsons experience.’ "

More than 75,000 votes were cast picking the Simpsons Ride over some Tough competition like Disney’s Toy Story Mania. It’s always fulfilling to have been a part of something that people truly enjoy.

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  1. September 09, 2008, 1:28 am

    The story, the score, the editing, the acting in Mercy’s world is tight. See this movie. There is a reason for the awards. Everytime I watch this I see something new.
    The Simpsons’s ride is FABULOUS!

    You ROCK.

  2. September 15, 2008, 10:31 pm

    Thanks, Diter, we appreciate the support. For those wondering about the MERCY film Diter is talking about (since this is commented on a Simpsons Ride post) you can learn about the film by following the MERCY tag:


    Not Afraid!

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