Making an Indie Film

Making an Indie Film

So you want to make a movie? Probably why you’re reading the ranting and ravings of a digital storyteller. While trolling DV Guru I came across this article in PC Mag of all places. It’s an interesting new story on the merits and cost effectiveness of digital story telling, chronicling the production and tools of the trade used on writer-director Scott Dacko’s The Insurgents. It’s a pretty detailed account giving the pros and cons and reasons why independent filmmakers are turning to digital.

“It’s a very exciting time in filmmaking. The tools are becoming exponentially more powerful and exponentially more affordable, and what becomes important is the storyteller,” Mark Peterson, Offhollywood’s cofounder explains. “Some worry that people who shouldn’t make movies will make movies, but I say ‘Who cares?’ We now live in a world where the talent can rise to the top.”

At the end of the article they include info for all the digital and web-based tools used by the production as well as some links to a few other references you may want to check on your own.


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