There is no Auteur

There is no Auteur

The Triumverate

Some people consider film-making the art of the Auteur, and while new digital technologies are certainly making it possible for a single person to create a film all on his or her own, I don’t subscribe to the Auteur Theory. Film is a collaborative art. It always has been, always will be.

Clint Eastwood agrees.

“I tend to put down the auteur theory because a lot of people embraced it as a one-man/one-concept kind of thing and making a movie is an ensemble.”

As a filmmaker and story-teller I rely on my collaborators to bring something to the table and help make our art better. Whether it’s a script review, edit notes, shot composition, lighting, production design, or of course an actors performance, the collaboration with another mind invariably elevates your material to a higher level.  People have ideas and will see things from perspectives and come from places you could never imagine.  That is the magic of film-making.  Those are the moments that drive me.  That surge of adrenaline when a collaborator off-handedly puts something in perspective for you after hours of banging your head against the wall.  The spark that keeps you going at 2AM when you’re on take 16 and your actor tries something new and the whole scene comes together.  Collaboration is key.


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