Fire Good

Fire Good
I had a busy weekend. While most people in Los Angeles were trying to get cool in the first scorching hot weekend of the summer, I found myself standing next to a 25 foot fireball, instead of standing naked in front of the air conditioning. Not once mind you, but 90 some odd times over an 8 hour period I endured the heat of the giant propane explosion. This is not unusual for me.When I’m not making films, I make theme park attractions, mainly for Universal Studios Hollywood. This often means long nights and working weekends, much to the chagrin of my wife, who grins and bears it, and I love her for it.

Getting back on point we “soft opened” our latest attraction: The Fast & The Furious: Extreme Close-up (please note, I had nothing to do with the title) this weekend to a tremendous crowd response, even while the aforementioned fireball (see pic) manages to raise the ambient temp on a 95+ degree day. Now a “soft” opening means we’re open, but we’re in Technical Rehearsals. There are some things we’re still tweaking. In filmmaking terms, it’s like letting a preview audience see the rough cut so you can adjust before you really open. It was good to see that we are already in pretty good shape.

I wanted to give shout out to my compatriots who have given up their social lives, sleep, and sanity to make this all happen. Bill Whitcomb the best Technical Director the themed entertainment world has ever seen. “Bossy” Ross Edwards, our special effects guru and inflatable expert. Frank “Kid Leisure” Masi our Project Director. Thierry Coup and Phil Bloom the Creative and Art Directors.
Congratulations gents.


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